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About us

Welcome to Yonge Florist web site

The most important things you should now about us:

- Our floral production facilities located in Toronto, ON from where we deliver to Toronto and all Ontario region

- We have two daily delivery runs through all Ontario region to make sure that your order will reach it destination in time every time

- We have absolutely FREE Delivery for all Ontario region. for all orders placed online!

- We provide the best possible prices for the quality of flowers we use. We deal directly with growers to make sure that we get the perfect quality flowers and have the best possible deals on it.

- We provide 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

- We don't have any hidden fees or fines


Hours of operations:

Mon-Fri - 7am - 5 pm

Sat - 9 am - 3 pm

(Yes, we do delivery on Saturday)

Sun - closed



Based in Ontario, Canada, Yonge Florist Ontario is a new generation florist, satisfying customers across Ontario area, Canada and the USA providing world class services right to your doorstep. We, at Yonge Florist Ontario, take great pride in being one of the few premium online Ontario flowers delivery services available to you at the most affordable rates ever. In keeping with our mission and business idea, we believe in providing "Premium quality – affordable prices"! Our entire set of business processes right from procurement to delivery, are designed to fulfil our goal of providing the best quality floral arrangements to our customers at highly affordable rates that even beat our primary competitors. Compared to other Ontario florists, not only are our rates competitive, we also constantly innovate and come up with new and exciting floral arrangements to ensure that every time you visit our website, you see new additions to our product lists.


Business Philosophy


Our business secret is based on two important aspects, the balance of freshest flowers and low prices! It is a combination that appeals to all our valued customers. We ensure that we keep our prices affordable, by cutting down our own expenses. For instance, unlike local florists in Ontario, we purchase our flowers directly from farms and flower growers. This reduces the additional overhead costs associated with middle agents and wholesalers. This reduces the overall cost of flowers themselves. On the other hand, we are an online retail business. Thus, we do not have to invest in buying or renting space to set up florist facilities in expensive shopping malls. This greatly reduces our additional recurring costs, the benefit of which we gladly pass on to our valued customers, by making the overall service more and more affordable to them. Moreover, we employ local Ontario florist professionals and the best delivery services to ensure quick and affordable service delivery. Because of such conveniences, you might notice that most times, the floral arrangements may reach you the very same day, allowing you to enjoy our products in their freshest form!


Our Commitment to Quality


Yes, our flowers are truly premium quality! Not only are our suppliers carefully chosen, but each batch of flowers is carefully inspected before acceptance of delivery to ensure that YOU get value for every dollar you spend with us. So deeply do we believe in this customer service philosophy that we go a step ahead and give you a unique '5 day freshness guarantee' from the time you purchase the flowers from our website, a guarantee that only the best Ontario florists will provide!


Our Exceptional Customer Service Norms


We take great pride in our unique and exceptional customer service. Besides product guarantee, we take every possible measure to ensure that we treat each order as a unique service request and expect our fully trained staff to handle it as such. We give a lot of importance to every small instruction or detailed request we receive from you to ensure that your floral arrangement meets your level of satisfaction and our unique standards. We also take great pains to customize each floral arrangement based on your specific requirement to ensure your unique needs are taken care of.

Such is our business ideology!


Hours of operations:

Mon - Fri - 9 am - 5pm

Sat, Sun - online orders only

(Yes we do delivery on Sat and Sun)


*Yonge Florist is a trade name for e-commerce operations.

Yonge Florist production facilities located

2640 Lancaster road, Unit C, Ottawa, ON, K1B 4Z4




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e-mail: [email protected]

Toll free number: 1 866 856 88 54

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